Earn up to $ 4,500 by renting your car!


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We don't have random
clients - security service
work great!

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For greater safety and
Calm we offer 

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You choose,
what conditions do you want
to take your car.

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You can nullify the costs of
auto or even pay it back

To rent cars for rent in Kyiv: favorable conditions of your car hire, timely payments

 040Your car - it is an asset that can make money.

Not the case the machine covered by dust and rust. With the help of the company Rent95 you can organize business to deliver the car rental.

Payback of the car considerably higher than real estate. This is real money that will help pay back the purchase of cars and establish a passive source of income.

Here you can make contract delivery car rental based on your interest. In Rent95 service always take into account the wishes of the business partner.

We rent cars profitable, convenient and very safe. Call us to discuss the conditions of cooperation now.

Why give car rental you should be in the company Rent95:

  • Secure transaction. For the rental customer presents the documents and leaves a certain amount of collateral. Each transaction is accompanied by our security service. That's why you can quite happily return the car rental the company Rent95;

  • Auto insurance. On request, with our help, you can arrange your car insurance. Daily CASCO insurance will strengthen your confidence in the security of property;
  • Control transaction. You can hand over your car rental on their own terms. Some points of the contract can be discussed. This is a good opportunity to bargain for fair conditions for all;
  • Source of income. We have customers who have already paid for your car and are now getting a live income from renting a car. Your car can bring real money today.

022The network is full of proposals from the car owners «I want to pass the car renta», «the car for rent in Kyiv» etc.

However, the majority at the same time wants to read the terms. We offer together to develop a cooperation agreement in which you yourself define the most important moments for you.

Advantageous of take the car for rent in Kyiv or another city Ukraine?

Judge for yourself:

  • Gain is up to 70% of the «earned» car. The exact amount depends on the car, the brand, feed location, and other factors. For example, the Audi A7 average price of $ 100 per day - in this case, the profit is not bad;
  • Available as monthly payments and payment under the contract. You can specify a specific amount, the accumulation of payment which will be carried out;
  • Regular inspection, constant monitoring of the technical condition of the car. For customers who have a car in the garage and not used - that's reason enough to return the car rental. After all, a car is aging, wear every year. Comprehensive maintenance significantly prolongs the life of your car.

How to pass the car rental?

To the vehicle requirements are quite simple:

  • 039The lack of legal claims, the prohibitions on the use of the car. Cars should not be subject to legal proceedings;
  • Delivery of cars for rent you must have all related documentation proving ownership;
  • Especially welcome new vehicles, if the purchase in the showroom was before the five-year period;
  • Technical serviceability of all vehicle systems and components;
  • Decent appearance of cars, clean well maintained interior.

Rent95 company, in turn, offers you:

  • Joint cooperation in simple and clear scheme for delivery car rental. You can choose one of the standard types of contract, or else we will agree with you on individual circumstances;
  • 041Payments are carried out within the agreed time frame in full and without delay. Terms of payment chosen by you - it may be once a month, six months, a year, or when you reach a specific amount;
  • Carrying out diagnostics, car maintenance in good technical condition. If you still think where you can take the car for rent - it's time to pay attention to our offer;
  • Help in choosing profitable insurance, as well as - with additional equipment the vehicle. Each investment in the car later than pays for itself.

How to pass the car rental? Just call us at the phone numbers listed on the site.

The company operates as a Rent95 in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

We look forward to your applications!

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